We're roleplaying enthusiasts channelling experiences insideQuests.
We showcase elements and aspects born from the making to the playing an, beyond TTRPG.

We're just getting started launching our first quests or many

  1. Secret Quest to unite our gratitude 

  2. Project Power to uncover the forces

  3. Session Zero to create a safe space 

  4. Introduction to Worlds & adventures 

Discover the first four quests and discover upcoming ones


Our Mission

Empower Role-Players to thrive to
Create first time positive shared experiences
Cultivate role-player's mind set and perspectives
Channel and convey to the world the powers of TTRPG

  • Extend the games play by providing a safe space for sharing and collaborating

  • Provide a platform for Role-players to Cultivate TTRPG inside Quests

  • Support, promote, and inspire with the power of playing TTRPG

  • Discover and prove the deeper emotional benefits of TRPG, with your help

  • Develop a media agnostic ever growing library of TTRPG experiences

  • Collect Role-player's experiences to inspire new ones

  • Help grow and develop through play

  • Convey TTRPG to the world for more to play and harvest the powers.

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A role-player's formula

Sharing TTRPG from InsdieQuests


Roleplayers, Dungeon Masters & storytellers

Tabletop role-playing most wanted!

Will you take on quests to express your role-playing self?

Jump InsideQuests to spur your creativity and imagination

born from making, playing and beyond tabletop roleplaying experiences.

Starting in Belfast Northern Ireland and Europe 

representing every role-players, groups and

online communities in all language and culture.

Empower your imagination 


Quests for all and all for Quests


Join the mission 

We’re just starting out, and linking up with like minded seekers and creators of TTRPG.

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Our Future Vision

Imagine Create Play Share Inspire

  • A fully automated platform uniting TTRPG experiences inside Quests promoting the powers of imagination and creativity while Inspiring more to play and more to share their worlds with their unique adventures. 

  • Display the compassion, understanding, and equality with individuals, groups and online communities. A place where Members Representing themselves, their party and their communities to display their unique creativity, their imagination and experiences. Sharing gratitude, spirit and insight. 

  • Completing Quest, gaining IQP (insideQuest points or prestige) Growing in stature as you contribute to initiatives immortalising your Insider true self.

  • All the experience will turn on itself into a collections that will represent, enhance, and promote TTRPG, the storytelling, the creativity and all the healing Inside quests. Inspiring more to share for more to play inspired. 

  • We strive for wisdom and balance. We wish healing, peace, and love to the world to channel TTRPG powers.

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“Game masters & role-players gather experiences and perspectives InsideQuests"


Meet the team


Michael Paul

InsideQuests Visionary and Founder

I started playing in the early 90' for 10 years, meeting as often as possible a group of friend with session lasting days not hours. We played Tolkien's Middle Earth, to Gygax's D&D, knights of pendragon, Dice-less action in Zelazny's Amber, Star Wars, and Cyberpunk with our twist and home-brew worlds. Work and travel disbanded the party and for the next 20 years I worked and forgot all about TTRPG.

Early 2020 I lost the light when my brother and GM passed away inexplicably just before Covid, and redundancy Which left me paralysed with pain, fear and depression. Few months later a group of friends reconnected and started creating, playing, and reminding each other of the benefit of playing TTRPG. 

​Surrounded by friendship, the storytelling and shared experiences.

I found clarity and with it, I was able to see the lies I was telling myself and found the strength to seek professional help with Action for mental health in Northern Ireland. With a trained specialist who wanted to help, I gain understanding, tools and methods.

It resonated in me, I felt it inside me, a quest, my quest to collect as many experiences as possible and to promote and spread TTRPG. if I can reach one person to wake up like I did and to convey channel TTRPG then my quest will have just begun.

I want to repay AMH ten fold and also let the TTRPG multiverse that from now you can count of my wand and carry. not just in my heart but has a beacon of light when there is dark.

An insider is fair 

Insider let the dice talk not the rules

​I was waking up with a vision to launch InsideQuests, an Online plane where we aspire to do good where we all share the powers of TTRPG cultivating together 50 years of TTRPG experiences to inspire more to play more and more play more often to showcase them and promote the creativity, the benefits that can be found InsideQuests.

Join the mission 

We’re just starting out, and linking up with like minded seekers and creators of TTRPG.

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