Mourourk Nordal

Setting the scene

Dungeon master notes:

Playing DND5E for character creation and mechanics guideline in the home brew world of AON 

You are Mourourk, descendant from forsaken Orcs who fled 900 years ago from a great battle to their boats and sailing to the furthest north, to the continent known then  as Vondghu Bardh,  they discovered uncharted frozen wasteland made of ice and rock which later will be known as Icy-end or Icausan Mubarum in black speech. 

The bravest rallied and made a blockade on the coastline to stop or slow down their chasers to leave enough time for the rest to disembark and regroup further inland. 

The wrath of men ceased when the last of your people’s ship was burnt, taken or sank below the ice, leaving behind the survivors stranded on this icy waste land.

When the last Orcs thought the struggle was over and their life spared, they discovered the harsh reality of the arctic conditions and met a new enemy, an organized pack of giant wolves which hunted one by one.  cold weak scattered Just as when all was lost, the last champions stood united in a disparate stand defeating the alpha. So was born the Blood Wolf Clan.Gijak amaz bajrak

​ Through the centuries the Orc skin became lighter, almost white for some. Somehow they survive and still to this day just before the climax of the battle; orc war cries can be heard asking for a sacrifice equal to the one of Icosan; where the sacrifice of many paved a path for few to follow and survive.

Gijak amaz bajrak liwo olk mat. Blood wolf clan will not die​.

Mourouk you are one of the white Orc born from in Icosan, a frozen and rocky wasteland where snow Ice covers the land between frozen rift, perilous glaciers, and consistent rocks perturbing the horizon of different shapes.

Class & Level: Barbarian 4 (Berserker)

Orc Traits

• Age: 23 years old

• Medium Size (6' 4", 247 lbs.)

• Darkvision (60 feet)

You are strong and accustomed to life and the cold, You would not venture out at night alone. For it is not your blood that freezes on the treacherous terrain that will kill you, it will be one of the large creatures lurking in the rifts and shadows.

Strength 19

+4 ... Strength Ability Checks

+6 ... Strength Saving Throws

+6 ... Athletics Skill

570 lbs. ... Maximum Carrying Capacity

1140 lbs. ... Max. Push or Drag (Speed -5 ft.)

1140 lbs. ... Maximum Lift

Your home settlement is made of 5 peaks like five claws piercing the frozen ground. Krak Bukra in your language. In the center, there is the pit where challenges are fought and where leaders fall and rise to lead  the clan living above in the picks and in the mines leading to the forges where the Krutz; a more submissive type of greyish orc are working the hammer and anvil.

The current leader Oknar, a veteran fighter, taller than most, clever, and a cruel white orc who hasn’t lost a challenge for over a decade, punishes anyone disagreeing or not collaborating to his dictatorial ways, he did bring order and respect in the blood wolf clan leading to a certain prosperity especially over the last few years which brings in itself its own challenge. 

Traits: Can read weather like a book. Respectable dress

Everyone knows that you Mourourk have this rare intuitive gift to read the weather and you were often called upon for fishing duties keeping the group safe from the intemperies. 

Under Oknar, the orcs have been more organized, growing in numbers and strength,food shortage has been a problem with more fights than usual in the pit.

A couple of months ago, Oknar called for you and gave you an order:  “Mourourk the sea is abundant near Vadokantok (dead land) go, take 10 brothers to set up a fishing post. Have the food ready for every 7 days, make sure not to fail or else you will be next on the menu” 

The dead lands are just 2 days march south,  a forsaken and forbidden place. The most surprising thing is not the order from your leader to go there but that it sounds like he knows where the good fishing grounds are.

• Aggressive (bonus action to move closer toward an enemy)

• Powerful Build (carry, push, drag, lift as if large size) 

Ideal: One's own pleasure is the only honest goal in life

You left at sunrise and after 2 days' march you found a suitable hole in between old stones only half an hour away from the coast and dry enough for you and your group of 10 orcs to spend the nights safe and with a good ground to use permafrost storage to keep the food fresh until it get collect.

For a couple of months using 2 makeshift rafts and harpoons with your gang, you caught all types of fish from the small sardine to a gigantic sea snake. Every week to ten-day, orcs would come to collect the fish to bring back to the colony. 

Bond: Reputation as reliable

Flaw: Says anything to avoid work

Your fishing post was known as reliable and you were told that the Leader was pleased with you.


One sunny day when the weather would not change until the evening so you gave the all clear  to the gang to go fishing while you would stay onshore to check the traps, snares and most importantly keep track of the weather which was your most common excuse to do as little work as possible. With everyone out of the way it would be ideal to catch a nap in peace and have time to check a few traps just in time the crew would come back with the catch of the day. You do quickly fall asleep falling into strange dreams.   


FLASH You are walking. You are there but not here anymore. You are somewhere else in between.A Grey world, no sounds, no colors, dark uneven floor like a volcanic stone. You find yourself walking towards a Dark forest with petrified trees. While walking you notice that there isn’t any sound, all is still and quiet, even your footsteps are silent…there are lights at the lore of this wood. The clouds are menacing, like a storm brewing...

You are woken up by a southerly storm. It can’t be? You stand up and to your surprise, the wind is so strong. you see massive dark clouds with strange blue lightning covering the horizon moving at incredible speed towards your location. You have to lean forward to keep your balance.

This is where YOUR story really starts Mourourk. What are you going to do?


Session one Notes

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