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InsideQuests is where role-players become Insider to share their passion

taking on quests and initiative to express their imagination and creativity

born from making, playing, and every aspect connected to TTRPG.

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We are collecting tabletop role-playing narratives.



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...You see massive dark clouds with strange blue lightning covering the horizon moving at incredible speed towards your location. You have to lean forward to keep your balance...

This is where YOUR story really starts. What are you going to do?...

Image by Nowshad Arefin

The Holy Trinity

Upcoming release

This particular story will start over 900 year following the last victory of Men and the allies. Our hero's are all In New Hope city west of the kingdom of men, medieval town with over 25000 souls (half men)with over half of them loyal to the king and looking after the defence of this out post for trade where many races co-operating together and living together in relative peace

Image by Alice Alinari

Fighting Fire with Fire

Upcoming French release

Je suis inquiet, je me prépare rapidement avec mon équipement de base pour le voyage, tout est à proximité pour partir, j'ai pour habitude de garder mes affaires d'aventure à porter de main, ok si vous aviez un aperçu du bordel pas loin du coin à droite de la porte vous diriez mais c'est quoi ce bordel mais non, tout est prévu et tout est disposé de façon à partir aussi vite que possible...


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Project Power

Collecting Real life stories to discover the defining powers of TTRPG


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Secret Quest

Or the not so secret one

Collecting Role-player's shared gratitude in the Secret Quest


Session Zero

Can Safety mechanisms really enhance your next campaign?

Enhance your game with Quest Zero