Uncovering the force

Initiative for role-players to share their personal experiences with defining moments connected beyond the making and playing of tabletop role-playing games.

How is your story connected to TTRPG?

When did you learn to play?

what's your story with TTRPG?

How did playing help define you?

Whats your powers?

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Side Quest into the players real life stories

The powers are hidden in the people, the storytelling and inside the shared experiences.

Visit Insidequests where Role-players can share it, find it, and experience it

Join your story and insight into the collection 

Collecting the real life stories from Tabletop role-playing games with to create a collection of stories with the potential to inspire more to play and to support our Secret Quest.

Looking for traces of powers.

What is this initiative about

Collecting true life stories to demonstrate the potential & showcase tabletop defining powers. 

Role-players to revisit the time when Role-playing games had an impact in their lives.

Supporting the Secret one

Quest Objectives

Co-create a Collection of real life stories to showcase the potential of making and playing TTRPG experiences. 

Inspire more to play and more to realise the potential of playing TRPG.


Different ways to participate

This collection will support the Secret Quest to showcase the real powers of role-playing.

Share your real life story when role-playing merges into your life.

Full discloser

Share your story & promote your RPG life.
when you share you Story we will promote your RPG life and support your TRPG initiatives, Goals and aspiration


Share the story but stay anonymous
We would like to give you the option to share you story but stay incognito.

Just the powers

Share your story this way so we can add the powers from your story into the collection without using the details of you story or any names.

Share the Quests

Do you know someone with a defining Storie? 
Spread the words


Take your turn

Share your real life TTRPG story with Project Power.
Looking back can you think of a time when you benefit from the powers of TRPG?


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Tabletop's Power

Co-created collection

Role-players are joining stories
Uniting them into a collection
to become a source or aspiration

Flames Character

Tabletop's power

True stories


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Secret Quest

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TTRPG Worlds

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TTRPG adventures

What happened in your last session?