Celebrating 50 years of TTRPG & experiences

A quest to unify the gratitude from the tabletop role-playing multiverses

Join like minded role-players from across the TTRPG multiverses celebrating a Jubilee marking the first published rule book from Dungeons and Dragons in 1974 opening the door to 50 years of creativity, imagination, and experiences. 

Role-player, TTRPG groups, and online TTRPG communities from every levels, backgrounds, or class

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Uniting, Unifying Role-players gratitude InsideQuests

Combining role-players gratitude

Players and TTRPG enthusiasts from around the world are uniting a shared gratitude inside the Secret Quest, from short message to insightful stories into a co-creative collection to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the cult that is tabletop role-playing games.

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Gratitude will be, analysed, segmented, and linked to more role-player's gratitude
before been displayed inside a role-player's collection of experiences and perspectives.

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