The Legend of Asgaroth

Is there a TTRPG group brave enough?

WE are looking for role-players to unite on a quests that other have failed


Heroes wanted!

The Legend of Asgaroth

We are looking to assemble a group of heroes brave enough to jump insideQuests: The legend of Azgaroth.

Are you a tabletop role-player? Do you have what it takes to go through the mist and find the temple of Itchatole? Retrieve the weapons and defeat the dragon?

We will transcribe the adventure in a narrative so the experiences can be shared, learned from and inspire new ones. Show your interest would you have the courage of an hero!

This is a real life event call to arm for role-players in Belfast. 

We will be reaching out to local TTRPG community.

Story Book

There is a book,
It's a fairy tale...

Made for the Children in the land of men on Aeon. So they would not venture out alone in the mist...

Most people think the stories are just that; stories...But as you will find out, there are hidden truth in the stories that are passed on and some of them will provide clues for our adventurers to fulfil their destiny.

From a time not long forgotten A powerful dragon arrived on the land of men

Coming with the mist, destroying everyone and everything on his path

spreading death with a fire hot enough to wake up the dead.

Feathered winged amazon warriors from a past age blessed by the goddess of the wind herself 

The Emu Tribe could see the suffering of the children and felt compelled to help.

 In a terrible battle in the sky they held Azgaroth captive defeating  him using magic items from the 1st age 

  • Shackles of Gundun ( heavy chains) 

  • Dagger of KArdun ( more of a spear for human)

People were so grateful they built a temple where the Emu could reside, the temple was Called Ichatole ( in emu the temple of the sun cliff) they stayed for 50 years before flying away from the temple towards the sun.it is said one stayed behind to protect the two magic items that were left behind for when the time would come.

That time as come!

A deadly mist as fallen on the land of men once more...

The exact location of the temple is unknown or kept secret,