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Quest Narrative

Immortalise your Tabletop role-playing adventures 

For role-players, storytellers, and creative writers

'Don't adventures ever have an end? I suppose not. someone else always has to carry on, on The Story'

JRR Tolkien

Members are sharing TTRPG inspired narratives turning the creativity and imagination born from tabletop role-playing into a collection of TTRPG narratives.

  • Showcase & Immortalise your adventures

  • Keep track of the storylines

  • Link up with insiders

  • Invite your players and followers

  • Save time on the recap

  • Grow your storytelling Experiences

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Looking for TTRPG inspired narratives.

What is this initiative about

Collecting international Narrative inspired from role-player world wide 

 to benefit the party, demonstrate the potential & showcase TTRPG

Supporting the Secret one

Quest Objectives

Co-create a multi media Collection of narratives to support play, showcase the potential of making and playing TTRPG experiences. 

Inspire co-creative writers to write and showcase they TTRPG inspired writing. 


The home of international tabletop role-playing games inspired narratives

We start with English, French, Spanish, and Italian

We are inviting role-players from around the world to share their their narratives.

But this is just the start!​

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